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Criminal Minds Season Finale was epic and beautifu and sadl.  Emily Prentiss will be missed!!
Castle Season Finale was damn amazing.  Castle and Beckett making out against his door. Yeah. :)
Grey's Anatomy Season Finale was... I just don't know.  Insane.
Fringe Season Finale was interesting.
House Season Finale was...well I watched the in respective...but I just couldn't watch the ep.  I'll get around to it maybe.  The loss of Cuddy is still too painful.
Ready for The Closer Season Finale this summer and So You Think You Can Dance.
Whew.  I'm exhausted. 
But it's going to be a good summer. :)


Good to see you're still around - you have been missed!
Oh my goodness grendel!! Miss you all! I need to get back with c19 and artstills! I know i know! :) So hard to find time to do anything anymore!