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As Fragile
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...As he continued to sway Beth he managed to keep his vision in line with Emily's. She seemed struck. Her tongue came out to caress the corner of her mouth, another 'tell' of hers. This tell meant her thoughts were thriving, driving her, confusing her. Mulling over what, Hotch could only guess. She had had way too much on her mind lately and if she didn't get it out soon, who knows what would happen.

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Criminal Minds Season Finale was epic and beautifu and sadl.  Emily Prentiss will be missed!!
Castle Season Finale was damn amazing.  Castle and Beckett making out against his door. Yeah. :)
Grey's Anatomy Season Finale was... I just don't know.  Insane.
Fringe Season Finale was interesting.
House Season Finale was...well I watched the in respective...but I just couldn't watch the ep.  I'll get around to it maybe.  The loss of Cuddy is still too painful.
Ready for The Closer Season Finale this summer and So You Think You Can Dance.
Whew.  I'm exhausted. 
But it's going to be a good summer. :)

Seven Things Meme

Thanks visionsbeyond!  These are so fun to do.  But I'm pretty horrible at just choosing one thing. :)

- Which is your favorite song by Whitney Houston and why?
Oh it's impossible to name just one.  First love was One Moment in Time. Her voice carries and settles in within you, lifting you.  I Look To You, I Have Nothing, and of course I Will Always Love You.
- Mr Darcy or Mr Thornton and why?  O
ooh. Tricky.  They both share the intense longing looks at their loves from across the room. Which I adore.  I'd just have to close my eyes and pick.  They both carry wonderful qualities.  Mr. Thornton it is though..  What a man. His passion for everything was/is thrilling.
- If you could choose, which celebrity would you marry right here and now?
Henry Cavill comes to mind.  Jensen Ackles.  For reasons that I'm sure are obvious. ;)
- Name 3 of your favorite romantic movies (drama or comedy) of all time.
I'll always love North and South and Pride and Prejudice..  Persuasion has a sweet pull over you that you crave for more.  And probably The Mummy.  I'll always cherish that movie.  May not be all romantic, but the two leads were one of my first when it comes to shipping. :)
- Paris or London and why?
I've always wanted to go to London.  But I truly think I would spend more time in Paris.  There's something about the history, the architecture, the art.  I'd want to go everywhere and take pictures of everything.
- Have you ever watched a horror movie and not slept for nights after? If yes then which one?
I do remember watching one about something like 'Don't look under the bed.'  I never wanted to even approach my bed for a while.  Getting in/out of it was me jumping to and from, from my door.  Other than that, nah, I tried to stay away from horror. :)
- Mention 3 very important qualities you look for in a friend
Trust has to be there.  It's so hard to find that in people these days.
Loyalty.  Someone who would stand by you. Sees the best and worst in you and still stays.
Laughter.  I don't know how to describe that as a quality, but just someone you can always laugh with.  Laughter heals and strengthens you.

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May you Rest In Peace Whitney Houston.  You were an amazing person and my outlook on music and singers/artists would never be what it is today if it wasn't for you.  Your voice was incredible and despite the struggles and hell you went through, you will always remain on the top and forever in our hearts. I can only hope you have found your peace.  Such a shame.

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I threw up a bit in my mouth at the Criminal Minds ending Wednesday. Just not feeling it. I understand them wanting Hotch to be happy and such but having a stalker woman just suddenly appear is...not right. I don't want to get into all this crazy arguing over who should be with him even though I admit to being partial to Hotch/Prentiss but that's why I love fanfiction because I've chosen my own reality and I've accepted the reality that they aren't putting team members together.  Hotch's heartbreaking tears were lovely though.
I look forward to the rest of the season!  I can't put CM down much when I want to keep the show alive.